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  H u m a n i t a r i a n   F u n d

    We are committed to providing humanitarian aid where needed in the Rusyn homeland. Due to the current political situation, that place is the Transcarpathian Region (Zakarpatska Oblast) of Ukraine, where there is an incredible need for medical supplies.

    The Society spearheaded a major campaign to make America aware of the devastating floods in the Transcarpathian Region a few years ago which affected more than 100 villages, leaving 18 dead and thousands homeless.

    The organization worked with the Red Cross and many churches in the U.S. and Europe to secure emergency aid for the region, then established a program with Brother's Brother, a non-profit international aid organization based in Pittsburgh, PA..

    Since then we have established an ongoing program of sending medical supplies, as well as some clothing, to economically devastated Transcarpathia in partnership with Brother's Brother. The Society tries to send at least two major shipments each year.