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Porac Slovakia

  • 12 July 2020 9:06 AM
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    Brian Bailey(Belej)

    My family is from Porac as well. ( Belej/Sefchek.)They came over about 1890. St Stephen’s in Leisenring PA has a lot of records and history. Found their marriage certificate there. They were one of the first marriages in the church 1892. It was one of the first churches in the area with most families from Porac. Also, St Mary’s in New Salem, Brownsville, Fairbanks, etc. All the small mining patch towns were full of Rusyns. Another great resource is the 1869 Hungarian census from the Church of Latter Day Saints. Found my Great- Grandmother Marija Sefchek. We also found land records going back into the 1700s for Andrej Belej. You see many the same names in Porac documents that you see in St Stephens cemetery. It seemed half the town just picked up and came to America and settled together. 

  • 06 July 2020 1:14 AM
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    Christina Fabula

    My great grandmother Mary Szasz (later Sass) was from Porac, Slovakia. I have very little info on her other than what was on her marriage certificat (name of father and brother and mother's maiden name Hornyak) She married into surname Fabula (Fabulya) from Fulianka.  Other surnames were Dydak and Antol.  I'm hoping to find someone to help me figure out which of these families were Rusyn. My father did a lot of research on Fabula. Other Fabulas were from Fintice, Tulcik and Demjata. One of our Fabulas married into a Vrabel.

  • 18 May 2020 4:21 PM
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    Hi, Marilyn -- My grandmother on my father's side was from Porac. The family names were Stanislav and Margetko. Actually, the Margetko family lived in Rudnany, the village just down the hill from Porac.  Apparently, a lot of familes had members living in both.  When did your ancestors arrive in the U.S.? 

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  • 16 March 2020 12:54 PM
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    My ancestors came from Porac, Slovakia.  The family surnames are Vrabel, Hanuscin, Bakoss, Olsavszky ,Kalafut.  Would love to converse with anyone with lineage from Porac.  Thanks.  Marilyn

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