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Southeast Poland

  • 17 March 2021 1:36 AM
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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binarowa (not Binarowo) is in Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Gorlice County, Gmina Biecz.  1740 recent population.



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    Radgoszcz may refer to the following places:

    And possibly Lower Silesian or Pomeranian Voivodeships.
  • 16 March 2021 11:31 PM
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    Carpatho-Rusyn Society - Southeast Poland avqzglogohn [url=http://www.g5wb31ev7i5l336u5wty184sq9ru1d59s.org/]uvqzglogohn[/url] vqzglogohn http://www.g5wb31ev7i5l336u5wty184sq9ru1d59s.org/
  • 04 November 2020 4:17 AM
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    What is your C-RS member name?  I want to contact you by email.  I've discovered several DNA matches with persons that have same surnames in your message below.  Would like to discuss further.

  • 04 November 2020 1:32 AM
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    Is Radgoszcz NE of Krakow? 

    Is Binarowo NE of Nowy Sacz?


  • 03 November 2020 9:41 AM
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    Hi Mark.

       And welcome!  I have asked one of the researchers from the forum to look at your posting and see what she can come up with .  We will work on it and get back to you.

    Thanks for posting.


  • 02 November 2020 12:53 PM
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    Hi, my family is from southeast Poland, I would love to see if they are lemko or not. 

    Here are the names and villages: 

    From the marriage record: 

    Great Grandfather

    Jan Soltys - son of Jozef Soltys & Agata Kulaga born in Radgoszcz, Gal. [Galicia] b: 03-20-1868, Immi: 1881, M: 1889


    Great Grandmother

    Tekla Laskowska: Born in Buffalo NY, 09.18,1874

    - daughter of Stanislaw Laskowski (1840- 1922) & Apolonia Polak (1854-1917) both born in Binarowo, Galicia

    Apolonia's parents: John Nowak, Mary Wisniewska

  • 11 October 2020 2:54 PM
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    Hi.  I plan to research surnames listed on your C-RS message to see if I have DNA connections to the surnames.  If your family was born near Debno, Podkarpakie Poland, or Bodrogaz area of Southeast Slovakia, I collaborate with two individuals who are world experts in these two areas.

    If my research confirms a DNA connection to you, I will contact you by email to collaborate.  Feel free to contact me any time.

  • 30 September 2020 9:49 AM
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    From what I see from your tree on Ancestry.com, you don't need much help from us but these sources may be helpful to you.  Your Lemko areas have incomplete records available (at least right now) but you can get some information.


    Czaszyn BMD: 1784-1840


    Lukow BMD: 1784-1847


    Lukowe B 17841844 and D 1784-1861 only available at Salt Lake City LDS Library or selected branch library.



    Lemko Surnames cited by Krasovs'kyj from 1787 Austrian Cadastral Records


    Lemko Surnames for Lukowe


    Marriage: Elik Kudlik and ? I…..Miszczyszyn


    Marriage: Ilko Kos and Catharina Miszczyszyn


    Tom Peters

  • 27 September 2020 6:08 PM
    Message # 9268528
    Deleted user

    Hello all,

    My great grandmothers family came from SE Poland. Specifically, from Lesko, Czaszyn, Sanok, and Lukowe (to my knowledge). 

    Her birth name was Mary Miszczyszyn or Miscisin and she went by Marie Mecyssne or Marie Roman (after marriage). 

    Mary’s parents were Jan Miszczyszyn (1881) and Katarzyna Dobrzanska (1884). Jan was born in Czaszyn and Katarzyna was from Lukowe. 

    I know Jan had several siblings: Daniel (1881 twin), Katarzyna, & one sister listed as “unknown sister  living in Europe” from Jan’s 1946 obituary. I’m interested to find this unknown sister and more information on Jan and his parents. His parents were Daniel Miszczyszyn and Zofia Kudlik. Although, in a “where is that Lemko” it refers to Jan’s dad as Ivan. So, his dads name is unconfirmed. On Jan’s death certificate it lists his father as “john” and on his sister katarzynas death certificate it lists father as “Dan” + gives a village name... I assume his sister may have had more contact with relatives as her documents list more information such as parents full names, villages, etc... I must note his sister katarzyna married John George Pestrak. A lemko from Sanok, who became mayor of Warren Ohio. 

    in terms of my 2nd great grandma, Katarzyna Dobrzanska, I know that her last place of residence was Lukowe and that she had one sister named Julka Dobrzanska or Julia Dobranska whom she traveled with by ship in 1905 to monessen, PA. I would like to find out who her parents were and if there were more siblings.

    Jan and Katarzyna married in 1908 at St. Mary’s Greek Catholic Church in Monessen, PA and had my great grandma Mary in 1909. They can be found in the 1910 monessen census as the “Meshushans”. Two boarders lived with them, Max Kroal and one other Kroal. 

    Around 1912 Jan and Katarzyna plus their siblings and other relatives in Monessen (solan family) moved to Hammond, Indiana for work. There, they attended St. michaels Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Since then, the family has identified as Ukrainian. Jan was a member of the Ukrainian national association as well. 

    Jan and Katarzyna passed away in 1945 and 1946 leaving 8 children: Mary (eldest), John, George, Stephen, Peter, Rose, Anna, & Michal. 

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