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NE Hungary

  • 28 September 2020 6:20 PM
    Reply # 9270616 on 9268547


    Andras Nagy Roman came in 1914.


    There are no passenger lists departing from the United States.

    Tom Peters

  • 27 September 2020 6:19 PM
    Message # 9268547
    Deleted user

    Hello again,

    In the last thread I posted about my great grandmother family from SE Poland. 

    I thought it was smart to make a second one for my great grandpas family.

    My great grandpa was born as Gim Roman In trauger, Westmoreland, PA in 1909 to Andras Nagy Roman and Maria Burjan. (Andrew Roman & Mary Burian). 

    sometime after my great grandpa was born, he returned to Hungary. I have not located his passenger document for returning to Hungary. But, in 1923 he traveled back to the U.S. with his mother Maria Burjan and sister Agnes roman, who was born in 1914 in Goromboly, Borsod, Hungary (where Andras and Maria were from). On this passenger list, my great grandpa is listed as “Imre Roman”. It also lists them as tracking to “Andras roman” who lived in Hammond, IN. 

    in his later years, imre/gim went by James or Jimmy. 

    I would like to find the passenger documents for Maria Burjans first time in the U.S. and Imre Roman’s departure. I think I’m having a difficult time because they used several different names. For example, Maria could have been listed as Andrasne Roman(wife of Andras), Andrasne Nagy Roman (families surname was Nagy Roman), Andrasne Nagy, Maria Roman, Maria Nagy Roman. I know Andras and Maria were married in Hungary in 1904, so she wouldn’t have been listed under her maiden name, Burjan. 

    For imre, he could be listed as gim, jim, Jimmy, james, or imre. I know they returned by 1914 because that’s when imres sister, Agnes was born in Hungary. 

    it’s also unclear whether imre traveled back with both of his parents or just one. In July 1923, he came back with JUST his mother and sister. So, I believe Andras came back to the US before them. One thing to note is that Andras remarried in June of 1923 in Hammond Indiana to a Barbara zoni (from veprovacz Hungary). I find this odd because he was still married to Maria.. so I’m not sure if he got tired of waiting, they had a bad relationship, etc.. 

    Maria remarried to a man named Anton/Anthony/Tony Zyfko and they had a daughter Maryann Zyfko around 1925/1926.

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