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A Survey for you: Traditional Carpatho-Rusyn Given Names

  • 31 December 2020 4:53 PM
    Message # 9545409

    It would make for a very interesting research project to see what naming traditions you have observed in your villages.    Names may be relevant for only your village and for a certain period of time.   From here we can assert whether or not generalizations can be made, such as those described at http://www.rusyn.com/crgiven.htm are .

    Please reply to this message and enclose the following information

    1. Village Name

    2. Years these names were in use

    3: Sons names, in order of birth and if they appear to be named after the father, father's father, mother's father or other relative

    4. Daughters, in order of birth.  (i.e., Mary, Anna, Helen as hypothesized).  

    5. Do these names apply only to your family, one or more generations?

    6. Have you looked through the complete set of books for this village and are these names and order a fair representation of the village at large?

    If you  can identify a tradition that was used in your family or in the village, this may help you identify "missing" family members, such as an infant or child that dies young.

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