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  • 6th and 7th Century

    Carpathian Rus is sparsely settled by Slavic tribes known as the White Croats.

  • 862-863

    Byzantine-Greek missionaries, Cyril and Methodius, believed to bring Christianity to Rusyns south of the Carpathians on their way to Greater Moravia.

  • 894-896

    Magyar tribes cross the Carpathians and defeat the Slavic Prince Laborets at Uzhhorod (Hungvar).

  • 899

    Creation of the eparchy of Przemysl perhaps by the disciples of Cyril and Methodius, who brought Christianity to the Lemko Region.

  • 992

    Kievan Rus' principality of Galicia begins to expand its influence over the eastern part of the Lemko Region.

  • 1030s to 1050s

    Hungarian Kingdom begins to establish its authority over the Rusyn-inhabited region south of the Carpathians.

  • 1340s

    Galicia and the eastern Lemko Region incorporated into the kingdom of Poland.

  • 1396

    Prince Fedor Koriatovych of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania settles in Mukachevo; supports the nearby Orthodox monastery on Monk's Hill and a new monastery at Krasncti Brid.


  • 1440

    First Orthodox bishop for Carpatho-Rusyns begins to reign from Mukachevo.

  • 1514

    Implementation of proprietary serfdom in the Hungarian Kingdom; Carpatho-Rusyn peasants subjected to their landlords.

  • 1526

    Austria's Habsburg rulers become kings of Hungary and claim authority over the entire kingdom, including Carpathian Rus' on the southern slopes of the mountains.

  • 1573

    Implementation of proprietary serfdom in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth; Lemko-Rusyn peasants subjected to their landlords. 

  • 1595

    Union of Uzhhorod creates the Uniate Church in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, eventually reaching the Lemko Region. .

  • 1646

    Union of Uzhhorod creates the Uniate Church in Hungary, eventaully including all of Subcarpathian Rus and the Presov Region.

  • 1692

    Orthodox Eparchy of Przemysl joins the church union with Rome.

  • 1698-1699

    Appearance of the first printed books for Carpatho-Rusyns; the Primer (Bukvar) and Cathecism (Katychyzis) of Bishop Joseph de Camillis.


  • 1703-1711

    Carpatho-Rusyns join the unsuccessful rebellion of the Hungarian Prince of Transylvania and lord of Mukacevo, Ferenc Rakoczi II, against the Austrian Habsburg rule.

  • 1733

    The last Orthodox bishop of Maramaros county dies and the remaining Orthodox parishes in Subcarpathian Rus' join the church union with Rome.

  • 1745

    The first Carpatho-Rusyns move to the Backa (Vojvodina) region and settle in Ruski Kerestur.

  • 1771

    Creation of an independent Greek Catholic Eparchy of Mukacevo, whose seat is moved to Uzhorod in 1780. 

  • 1772

    The Austrian Habsburg Empire annexes Galicia (including the Lemko Region) from Poland.

  • 1777

    Creation of the Greek Catholic Eparchy of Krizevci.

  • 1778

    Establishment of the Greek Catholic Theological Seminary in Uzhorod during the "golden age" of Bishop Andrij Bacyns'kyj.

  • 1818

    Creation of the Greek Catholic Eparchy or Presov.

  • 1830

    Publication of the first grammar of the Carpatho-Rusyn language by Mychal Luckaj.

  • 1847

    Publication of the first school primer of the Carpatho-Rusyn language by Aleksander Duchnovyc..

The remaining timeline is coming soon!

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