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Rejoice! Christ is Born CD

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Traditional Rusyn Christmas Carols Hymns and carols for the Nativity Season performed by The Pittsburgh Byzantine Catholic Archeparchial Choir, directed by Darlene Fejka 1 Anhel Bozij (When the Angel came) 2 It is truly proper to glorify you 3 Tainstvo divneje (Wondrous Mystery) 4 Nebo i zeml'a (Heaven and earth) 5 So nebes anhel (Angels from heaven) 6 Divnaja novina (Wondrous news) 7 Rozdestvo Tvoje (Your Birth) 8 Radost nam sja javl'ajet (Joyful tidings we bring) 9 Silent Night 10 Na nebi zorka (In heaven a star) 11 Cestit sv'jetu (Greeting over all the earth) 12 Dicsoeg (Glory) 13 Boh predvicnyj (God eternal) 14 Hopod Boh predvicnyj (Lord God eternal) 15 Budi Imja Hospodne blahoslovenno (Blessed be the Name of the Lord) 16 Radujte se, narodi (Rejoice, ye people) 17 Rejoice! Christ is born Total time: 40:49
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