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Youngstown/Warren/Sharon chapter

Chapter Events

Upcoming events

    • 21 October 2018
    • 1:00 PM
    • Carpatho-Rusyn Cultural and Educational Center, 915 Dickson St, Munhall, PA15120

    Sunday, October 21, Munhall, PA

    C-RS Annual National Meeting, 1 pm at the Carpatho-Rusyn Cultural and Educational Center, 915 Dickson St, Munhall, PA15120. Please mark your calendars!

    • 26 October 2018
    • 11:00 AM
    • 28 October 2018
    • 5:00 PM
    • Bohemian National Hall, 4939 Broadway Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio

    October 26-28, Cleveland, OH

    The Cleveland chapter of the Carpatho-Rusyn Society is joining in with various Czech and Slovak cultural and fraternal groups such as Ceska Sin Sokol, Cleveland Bratislava Sister Cities, and Sokol Greater Cleveland to celebrate the founding of the country of Czechoslovakia in 1918. On Saturday there will be a free open house from 11 am to 5pm with various displays, children’s activities such as a mushroom hunt, puppet shows, folk dance performances and children’s dance lessons. Luncheon foods will be for sale. There will be a wreath in the Czech, Rusyn and Slovak cultural gardens on Sunday followed by a banquet at 3 pm. Ticket information about reserving a meal will be forthcoming. Come bring your family and expose them to some Eastern European culture this weekend. All activities will take place at the Bohemian National Hall, 4939 Broadway Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio except for the wreath laying in the gardens.For more information and the schedule, call (440) 725-8676 or (440) 331-3856.

Past events

16 September 2018 Cleveland Chapter: One World Day at Cleveland Cultural Gardens
15 September 2018 Youngstown chapter: Annual Vatra
15 September 2018 Youngstown Chapter's Annual Vatra
06 September 2018 Slavjane Folk Ensemble is holding an open meet and greet at the Carpatho-Rusyn Cultural Center
22 July 2018 Cleveland Chapter presents the 2nd annual "Dining with Duchnovich"
24 June 2018 Cleveland Chapter: The Differences and Similarities Between Rusyns and Slovaks
10 June 2018 C-RS President Emeritus John Righetti - Being Carpatho-Rusyn …its complicated!
31 May 2018 100th Anniversary of the Pittsburgh Agreement
12 May 2018 Slavjane Folk Ensemble in Concert May 12
29 April 2018 Cleveland Chapter: “Tips and Tricks on Using FamilySearch.org in Your Eastern European Genealogy Research”
29 April 2018 Youngstown/Warren/Sharon Chapter Sponsors: “Wooden Churches of Rusyn Areas In Eastern Europe”
18 March 2018 Meet and Greet with Bishop Milan Lach, SJ
25 February 2018 Youngstown/Warren/Sharon Presents: Even Tears Were Not Enough
04 February 2018 Comparing the Genealogy Giants: Ancestry, Family Search, Findmypast and MyHeritage” by Sunny Morton
19 November 2017 Honoring our Veterans Film documentary on life of Sergeant Michael Strank "Our Flag Still Waves"
11 November 2017 Cleveland Chapter - Converting Many Forms of Media to Digital Format
29 October 2017 C-RS Annual National Meeting
26 October 2017 CARPATHO-RUSYN DAY - Cleveland City Hall
19 October 2017 Eastern European Congress of Ohio Present by the Youngstown/Warren/Sharon Chapter
15 October 2017 Cleveland Chapter - Iconography
17 September 2017 Cleveland Chapter - Presentation on Vistula Operation
27 August 2017 One World Day
26 August 2017 Vatra Time in Ohio
23 July 2017 Dining With Duchnovich
10 June 2017 41st annual Slavjane Folk Ensemble Concert
03 June 2017 The Vatra is Coming!!
07 May 2017 Introduction to the Cyrillic Alphabet by Paul Burik
02 April 2017 Comparison & Contrast of Easter & traditions in Europe and US
05 March 2017 Symbolism and History of Wooden Church Interior Architecture
25 February 2017 Uncovering & Publishing the History of PA's Carpatho-Rusyns
19 November 2016 Carpatho-Rusyn Society - 2016 Annual Meeting
12 November 2016 Cooking Lesson in Parma - Traditional Christmas Foods
22 October 2016 Genealogy Research in Cleveland
17 October 2016 C-RS Participation in the 16th Annual Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International Conference
09 October 2016 Carpatho-Rusyns: Myths and Stereotypes - A presentation by Paul Robert Magocsi
08 October 2016 Carpatho-Rusyns: Myths and Stereotypes - A presentation by Paul Robert Magocsi
07 October 2016 European Ukraine or Eurasian Russia - Presentation by Magocsi
02 October 2016 C-RS at Cleveland Museum of Art's 100th Anniversary
19 September 2016 Blessed Theodore Romzha Seminary Choir
18 September 2016 C-RS National Goals for the Present and Future
10 September 2016 4th Annual Youngstown/Warren/Sharon Chapter Rusyn/Slovak Picnic & Vatra (Bonfire)
28 August 2016 C-RS Cleveland Chapter at the 100th Anniversary of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens
05 August 2016 23rd Annual Rusyn Food Festival
30 July 2016 8th Annual Southwest Vatra Piknik
09 July 2016 C-RS Participation in Pittsburgh Bicentennial Parade
09 July 2016 Carpatho-Rusyn Society at the Youngstown State University Festival of Arts
18 June 2016 Carpatho-Rusyn Society at Simply Slavic
16 June 2016 Cemeteries, Tombstones, and More
21 May 2016 Pittsburgh-Style Oldies
03 May 2016 Sing-along with Jerry Jumba

The Youngstown/Warren/Sharon chapter was chartered in 2000, and services a 30 miles radius around the city of Youngstown Ohio.

President - Jim Basista

Carpatho-Rusyn Society

915 Dickson St.
Munhall, PA 15120-1929

The Carpatho-Rusyn Society is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to manifesting Carpatho-Rusyn culture in the United States and supporting Rusyn culture in the Homeland in east central Europe. It works to educate Rusyns and non-Rusyns about Rusyn culture and history, and to support the development of Rusyn culture on both sides of the Atlantic. As a membership organization, it boasts over 1,800 members worldwide who support the organization's work through their annual contributions of dues as well as voluntary contributions to funds that support Rusyn cultural development abroad as well as humanitarian aid for Rusyn communities in Europe.

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