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Assistance needed for Fayette County, PA, USA

  • 11 October 2020 2:40 PM
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    I'm a lifelong member of Dunbar Historical Society  http://dunbarhistoricalsociety.com/.

    Also a member of the Fayette County Historical Society (about 200 members).  http://www.fayettehistoricalsociety.org/.

    When writing a reply, I can't see the original post and associated threads for this conversation.  Hope information below is relevant:

    I'm willing to try to connect persons from the two organizations above to C-RS members looking for relatives in Southwest PA.  Knowing surnames and birth, death, marriage information is VERY helpful.

    I've taken AncestryDNA test which is autosomal (non-gender).  Accurate to 4 generations.  Also took Y-DNA paternal test and mtDNA maternal test on Family Tree.  These are accurate to 10 and 60+ generations, respectively.

    I prepared a WORD document with tips on doing genealogical research.  I offer to collaborate with any DNA match 20 centimorgans an greater (4th cousin or closer).  Write to DGMILLERZ@OUTLOOK.COM for more info. 

  • 06 October 2020 10:09 AM
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    Hi Joyce,

       Thanks for the offer, I hope the person posting sees this and gets back to you.


  • 05 October 2020 12:54 PM
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    Hello!  I live near Johnstown but am often out and about doing research out Fayette way.  If you'd like me to take a picture once it's installed, email me at Joyce.E.Homan@gmail.com and I'll gladly go there.  Just let me know!

  • 27 September 2020 2:09 PM
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    You might try Dearth Funeral Home, 355 Mill Street, New Salem, PA 15468 - 724-245-9539.  If they would not be able to do this for you they may know if someone in the area has done photos of other cemeteries in the area for findagrave.

    Find someone already doing  photos on findagrave.  In the cemetery location area put in New Salem, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, United States. Once you get part way, it should auto fill for you.  (Do not put a name - fill in only that area) Click on any name and see if you can find a photo with "photo added by" and click on that name.  You can sometime get an email address and it will tell you how long they have been a member of findagrave.  Don't know if that translates into how dedicated they may be but it is worth a try.  At least now you would have someone in the area.

    Would the company installing the memorial take a photo for you or are you looking to have an outside party do this so you can have peace of mind that it has actually been done.

  • 23 September 2020 6:34 PM
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       This is a challenging post. I don't know as someone on the committee lives near the area you speak of but can check with C-RS membership in the area for help. I know it is very difficult living afar and trying to research an area.

    What we can help with  is any genealogy related information you might need help in obtaining.  Please let us know how we can help.

  • 19 September 2020 12:20 PM
    Message # 9248610

    After a year of research, we have pinned down the unmarked grave locations of three of our Rusyn family members buried near the grounds of Salem View Cemetery, New Salem, PA. (Fayette County). Until a short time ago, my 93 year mother-in-law believed that there already was at least one gravestone in place, but that proved not to be the case.The family members who died in 1936, 1941 and 1963  are in adjacent gravesites (in the Old Presbyterian section of the cemetery, where single grave sites were sold). We are in the process of having a shared headstone made by Marshall's Monuments, Uniontown, PA.  Since we are located in Wisconsin, we now could use assistance in getting the gravestone photographed once installed, so it can be listed on Find-A-Grave, etc.  We also are hoping to be in contact with someone active with the Fayette County Historical Society or knowledgeable about the area for more information about cemeteries at this location in New Salem and nearby former mining communities. Graves for Salem View and other cemeteries seem to be well documented, but we have not been able to find anything on record for the Old Presbyterian Cemetery and would like to get that remedied. Any help most appreciated!

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