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The darker side of Slovakia

  • 04 November 2020 5:48 PM
    Message # 9345284

    Trudging onward in my quest for historical knowledge, I am presently researching those who  were killed, imprisoned or otherwise suffered from 1920 to 1989.  I am tearing into a deeper level of detail beyond regional and country wide crimes.  This includes holocaust victims, local citizens, collaborators and gulag sentences.  Rusyns and Slovaks as collaborators and as local, otherwise unknown heros.  

    I am uncovering lists of names, dates and places in the hope that i can organize them in a way you can learn more about your family.

    Certainly we could leave it buried and dwell on the happier times and events, but I don't think it all needs to be laid out to see.

    The SK goverment has been slowly releasing documents that uncover the hidden past.

    For example, I have found a list of all those executed in Czechoslovakia 1948-89 along with their accused crime, date and place. 

    I've examined the Jewish Deportation lists for each village.  I cannot imagine being a witness to this.

    I've found detailed information on when specific antisemetic laws went into effect in our regions and how the Jews possesions were auctioned off to the villagers.

    I've located the reports on antisemetic treatment given to those who survived Auschwitz walked back to their Carpathian village and were refused their own homses.  War reparations for them?  Nada 

    Seeing Each name makes me see just how brutal was punishment was and how often it occurred to the ordinary person.  It makes me understand just how much of our culture was ripped away from them, never to return.

    When I'm ready, I'll publish the pieces that will be the most useful on my web page.

    It weighs heavy on mre right now.  I just wanted you all to know there is much more information available.   If anyone wants to help and work with foreign language documents do let me know.


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